PRH-41 Pictograph

View of the two possible states of the pictograph prh-41

View of the two possible states of
the pictograph prh-41


Prh-41 can be controlled by the random generators prh-ZG1, prh-ZG3 or prh-ZG4 (with the floating contacts of the back relays).

  • Ultra bright LEDs (outdoor types) are switchable for the both pictographs showed on the left hand. To feed the input terminals you only need one floating contact for the green arrow and another one for the red cross.
  • Bridge (floating contact) at clamps “red”:The guidance display indicates the “red cross“. A piezo signal generator can be switched at the same time as status “red” is activated.
    Bridge (floating contact) at clamps “green”:The guidance display lights up as a “green arrow”, the signal generator is off.
  • With the red pictograph activated a loud buzzer is heard (loudness can be adjusted).
  • Additionally two inputs for signals with TTL-Level (+5Volt) have same function as the inputs of the floating contacts.
  • Internal power supply for connection to 230 Volt ~ (alternate current).
  • Smart housing (IP65) with a tinted acrylic cover.
  • An integrated box for the connecting leads has coinages for cable entries under and rear side as well as a dust cover with rubber seal, holes for lead-sealing are available.
  • An alternative operating mode (for example for incidents) is also possible: Continuous flashing of the pictographs by internal flashing generator. With the help of mini switches the active pictograph can be determined, and the acoustic signal generator can also be switched in addition.