Random Generator prh-ZG4-W

ZG4-W is the whitish design of the random generator ZG-4. A pushbutton can be connected to two internal terminals to initiate a random calculation by ZG4-W (several pushbuttons with housing are optional available). Furthermore a potential-free contact of a card-reader, light-barrier, pressure-sensitive mat, motion sensor or also other detectors can activate the random arbitration of the ZG4-W.

Following electrical terminals are available in ZG4-W:
2×230 volts ac to feed ZG4-W (internal power supply)
3 x output contact signalling the state „red“
3 x output contact signalling the state „green“
2 x input for potential-free contact to initiate one random decision of the ZG4-W
2 x reset the timer of state „red“ (special mode „9“)

If the random decision is actual „red“ (that means „do a control“), an acoustical signal is outputted additional to the red pictrograph, the volume can be reduced by turning an internal potentiometer. The random parameters „random rate“, „timeout red“ and „timeout green“ are adjustable with four internal coded (BCD) rotary switches (0-9).

Further features of ZG4-W:
* Convenient housing (wetness protection german IP65) with hinged transparent front
* Built-in housing for the electrical terminals (sealing is prepared)

Download Flyer prh-ZG4-W