prh-ZG4 Random generator


PRH-ZG4 is used as person check (e.g. coworker drawing) and passage check.

The power pack for 230V~ is already inserted. It supplies the digital logic and the inserted pictographs “green” and “red“ as well as the acoustic signal generator and two pilot relays for the passage check.

prh-ZG4 is accommodated in a very sturdy insulant housing (enclosure IP65).
W x H x D: approx.13,5cm x 18,5cm x 9,5cm

Power Supply
prh-ZG4 must be supplied with 230 V of alternating voltage and takes up max. 16VA.

Outputs (back relays)
As outputs for “red” and “green” in each case separated two-way back contacts are available. The poles are attached to altogether six internally accessible spring action clamps.

Red cross: The output relay “red” is active.
Green arrow: The output relay “green” is active.
Specially bright LEDs are used under a sun visor.
The volume of the acoustic signal generator is adjustable by an internal potentiometer.

Green = uncontrolled passage, the duration of this status can be adjusted in 10 levels between 0,15s and 9s.
Red = passage to be controlled, the duration of this status can be adjusted in 9 levels between 0,3s and 8s.
Furthermore ZG4 can be configured to an external reset contact for the termination of the duration of status „red“.

Random Rate 0,5% … 50%
The rate of persons to be controlled is digitally adjustable in 1% steps between 0,5% and 50%.

Since the complete development authority is in our house, also special wishes can be fulfilled easily.