prh-ZG2 Random generator


PRH-ZG2 works as an independent unit for controlling personnel staff.

Power supply for the connection to 230V AC is integrated, including a switch within the mains cable. Furthermore you can see on the picture above a high-quality, silver coloured push button to order the calculated random decision „red“ or „green“, which means „control“ or „pass“.

The Housing can be mounted on a wall or table with only two screws .
Dimensions: 13cm x 9cm, height: circa 5cm.

Power Supply
230Vac / 3 VA , mains cable / mains switch , internal fuse

Signal Input
High grade push button with superior tactile feel to order the calculated random decision „red“ or „green“, which means „control“ or „pass“.

Three LEDs (D=8mm):
yellow = Power On
green = pass
red = control
Beeper = control (also adjustable: short beep if push button is pressed).

‚pass‘ = green = uncontrolled pass, the duration of pulse can be set to 0.2s up to 4.5s with10 steps. (Digits 0-9)
‚test‘ = red = controlled pass, die duration can be set from 0,4s up to 8s with 9 steps. (Position „9“: continuous beep till power off or optional internal reset).

Control Rate
The setting is done normally only one time with screwing two internal binary coded decimal switches
Following there are for example some rates which are correspond to the average number of controlled passes (red):
0 0 = 0,5% = average every two hundredth person is to be controlled (red)
0 1 = 1% average every hundredths person is to be controlled (red)
. . . 5 0 = 50% average every second person is to be controlled (red).